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Full-Stack Graphic Design & Branding Agency

Based in Newcastle, the Hack Creative Graphic design ad agency offers graphic design services perfect for any business wanting to convey a specific message and get in the minds of their customers and target audience. The Hack Creative graphics Newcastle team love creating designs that really portray a business’s core values and aid in identifying and affiliating with your business. 

Graphic Design is the visual process of sharing messages through design thinking and problem-solving. We are a graphic design company in Newcastle that offers both print and digital, so as to effectively communicate your brand to your audience. We work very closely with our clients to ensure there is a strong understanding of their brand identity and target market to communicate their message effectively. Our graphic design studio team provides a professional, creative, and innovative service from conception of brand and design ideas through to style guides, print jobs and overall branding for a variety of businesses. Our Graphic Design Newcastle team understand all components of the graphic design industry and how different tools and techniques related to your general online and tangible marketing and business strategies. Working with the Hack Creative Agency will put you and your business in a position to work with experienced, creative, innovative and forward-thinking designers. When you get a Hack Creative design from our Newcastle graphic design agency team, our designers create a high quality piece that meets established goals that have been set by you, which align with your overall business position, story, goals and objectives. 


A well-thought-out design for a business is the key to achieving an easily identifiable, visually communicated and distinguishable brand within this day and age. The Hack Creative graphic design agency work with you and your business to provide you with industry-leading designs that are guaranteed to have your customers and others talking. We work with you to really understand your business, it’s goals and objectives, and most importantly the services and products you provide and how we can conceptualise all these different moving pieces into one digitally communicable design, that individuals can easily identify with your business.  

Creating Your Brand

Logo Design & Development

Your logo is the face of your brand. Its primary purpose is for your customers, target audience, and potential future audiences to be able to distinguish your brand and business from others within your industry. Your logo is the signature of your business, and it will be used to best visually represent your business or organisation, and its values, core communications and ultimately becomes a tangible asset for you, which is extremely valuable if your entire business is based solely online!

If you’re looking for something more traditional, the creative team is skilled in all things design. The Hack Creative team can help you design business cards, packaging designs, flyers, brochures, catalogues, book and page layout design and signage, just to name a few. Get in touch today and let us know how we can help you start creating innovative and distinguishable designs, guaranteed to bring your business to the forefront of your audience’s mind and ahead of your competition.

Why Choose Our Graphic Design Studio in Newcastle?

Picture this, you’re a small business that’s just started out, and you have no real concept or guidance around how you want your business to be portrayed in terms of branding or style within the real and digital world. That’s what we in the industry would call a branding disaster! To avoid this, work with Hack Creative to nail down your brand identity and start branding yourself as a leader in your field. Our Newcastle based team will work with you to define your brand and target audience and create a thorough style to implement through the entirety of your design journey. The creative team will conduct a brand strategy and can assist with concepts from business names and positioning and can pass you over to the Hack Communications team, which can help you implement your branding into your communications strategy. The expert design team at Hack Creative take into account a variety of factors for your business, including colours, typography and imagery, which we believe will have the most significant impact for your business. Our team will create an extensive brand development and style guide for your business, which is easy to comprehend and implement into your digital marketing endeavours, showcasing your businesses products and services and leading to conversions, results and success for you and your business.

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